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We offer different length riding tours from beginners 30 minutes to several hour long treks. We have various routes for beginner and advance level tours. We speak Finnish and English, and most of our customers are international folks who are visiting Budapest.


Please note, we are not a riding school. We do not provide regular riding lessons, we rather take our customers riding outside of the stable yard to enjoy the amazing nature and our wonderful horses. Beginner level riders and first timers get to go on the riding tours too - safely led on a rope by foot or from the back if the leader's horse.


For beginners the 30 minutes to one hour tour is long enough to make you feel the pain in your muscles the next day. Depending on the rider the horse is led on foot, or from the saddle of the leader’s horse.


For experienced riders 1,5 to 2 hour tour is a great way to leave all stress of life behind and enjoy the views. Pace of the tour is dependent of the riders level and preferences.

For hard core horse enthusiasts we can organize even 6 hour long day trips, which include lunch and coffee breaks. Ask for more info via email ridinginhungary @ gmail.com


If you and your friends have different levels of experience we can split the group so all riders get the most out of their tour. FAQ helps you to prepare for the riding experience! If you won’t find what you are looking for from our programs, please contact us and we can plan just the right kind of tour for you.

Dream of riding a horse? Never had the courage to do so?  If you’d like to try riding for just a bit, or you desire to get to know horses overall please contact us for booking Pony Club For Ladies (also available for men). This is something you can’t experience at a regular riding school. You get to groom the horse under individual guidance, at your own pace. You learn about horses as a specie, and understand the principles of their behavior. Could this be the highlight of your holiday in Budapest? Maybe in the end you find yourself in the saddle!

Team building day - ask for an offer! ridinginhungary @ gmail.com

Customised programs for small and big groups. Example of the programs available:
Horseback riding, guided walking tour in Budapest (see the city from a locals point of view), tour of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, visit to the Kincsem Park to see gallop or harness racing competition, Puszta Horse Show, tour of a Hungarian horse breeding farm, local animal market, spa & wellness day, goat agility, hiking, yoga, handcrafts, wine tasting...

Unfortunately we are not fully accessible to people with physical disabilities, please contacts us about any special needs.

English language day camps

For small groups; family, friends, colleagues, 2-8 people. Assemble a group and ask for an offer! ridinginhungary @ gmail.com

Program for the camp is customized to the participants wishes.

Spend a day outdoors with horses and learn English. No previous experience of horses required. Day camps are designed for adults. 

Riding, vocabulary exercises, good food.

For accommodation and transportation please contact us via email.

Horseback riding in your own event - ask for an offer, tell us about your event and express your wishes! Our amazing horses can make a visit to Birthdays, Bachelor Parties, Fairs, Expos and other events.

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Aime Kuusela & Sonja Mäkinen

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