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What is this thing? Two Finnish crazy (dog) ladies in Hungary keeping horses? Yes, that’s exactly it!

The beginning

In the autumn of 2017 the idea of riding tours started to evolve in our minds. Hungary is a great country to keep horses, as the grazing season is so long and overall the winter is short and easy - at least compared to Finland. By spring of 2018 Sonja had graduated from Ypäjä Equine College, Aime’s mare Romina had traveled back to Hungary from Finland, and we had begun to gather our little herd of horses.

Both of us have a long history with horses, specially riding in the nature. What we wish to share with our customers is the feeling of safety and excitement while enjoying the seasons changing on horseback, trekking on trails, fields and never-ending sand roads. Piliscsaba is known for its marvelous hills and valleys. Combining this, the horses and the location only 30 kilometers from Budapest city center - we had found our place.

It’s all about the horses

Needless to say, our amazing and smart horses are the key for our success. It takes a special kind of horse to be all this at the same time: reliable, human friendly, calm, energetic, sensitive, tolerant, endure different handlers and riders, have a sense of humor…

We do our best to keep our horses welfare at the highest level possible. Feeding, working herd life, hoof and dental care, deworming, exercise, and overall individual care are all important pieces of the puzzle that form an energetic and sound horse. For all this you need suitable facilities, equipment suitable for each horse and each job, and most importantly the people who want to put effort into the wellbeing of the animals.


As a cherry on top we recruited a long-awaited CEO to our company during the summer of 2018.

By the end of the summer of 2018 we've launched our Facebook-pages and started the marketing. So far days are filled with work and joy. You can follow our everyday life in Facebook and Instagram.

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Aime Kuusela & Sonja Mäkinen

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