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Book your ride or program here! Rides start at little bit different times depending on the calendar, other bookings and most importantly temperature and daylight.


During summer if the weather is very hot we don't do rides between 12 and 16. Please note that we might have to schedule you earlier or later than your booked time if the weather is too hot to ride during these hours. This doesn't affect Kiss the Pony or Hello Horsie programs.


The maximum number of riders for one tour is 2 (or 3 depending on the level of experience), except for 1 hour beginners ride where the maximum number of riders is 4.


Please book your rides at least 24h in advance!


Are you unsure of your riding level and ability? Here are some guidelines to help you.


Please be aware that doesn’t provide insurance to individual riders in case of an accident. Participating in handling the horses in the stable yard and horseback riding happens at your own risk.

Are you a student? Check out our student discount!

We are fully booked/not available:

Mon May 27th - Fri May 31st

Sun June 2nd

Mon June 3rd

Fri June 7th - Wed June 12th limited availability

Thu June 13th

Sun June 23rd

Mon June 24th

Fri June 28th - Sun June 30th

Tue July 2nd  morning

Sun July 6th morning

Mon July 8th limited availability

Tue July 9th limited availability

Thu July 18th morning

Sat Sep 14th

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