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  • Opening hours?
    We are open on request, meaning from the morning till the evening every day! This is a private farm so all rides and visits must be booked in advance. You can contact us on phone +358 400 980 323. The best way to reach us is by WhatsApp/text message, through the contact form on our pages or via email ( We will answer you as soon as possible! Please note that the reception at the stables is very weak, so Facebook/WhatsApp messages/calls do not always come through. Daylight is the main limiting factor for riding during the winter season and the hot weather limits us during the summer. For that reason our starting times for rides change little bit through the year.
  • How to get there?
    We are located in Káptalantóti, on the north side of Lake Balaton. When booking, we will give you more detailed info where to park the car. Our horses are located about 1km from the Liliomkert market. Please note that we are a private farm and all rides and programs must be booked in advance! You can find us on Google Maps: If you are arriving by public transport from Budapest, the closest station is in Badacsonytomaj. Check the timetables here: For transportation from the station to our location we recommend the local taxi companies: Badacsony Taxi +36205444234 Badacsony Bortaxi +36309395346 +36703602898
  • How to prepare for a ride?
    Here you can find some tips how to be prepared: All riders wear a helmet. If you don't have one you can borrow it from the stables. We recommend using a protective riding vest and wearing gloves. Wear comfortable, long trousers to protect your legs from chafing against the saddle. We recommend not bringing your newest and shiniest gear, as we ride in the forest and scratches are inevitable. If you wish to borrow riding pants please let us know about it in your reservation! Wear comfortable shoes with a small heel or sneakers. Open-toed shoes, sandals or high heels are not allowed. All of our saddles are equipped with safety stirrups. This is an outdoor activity so wear weather appropriate clothing. As the Nordic saying goes: “There's no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing”. During summer wear sunscreen and have water with you. You can fill your bottle at the stable. Take care of your Insurance cover. Please note: we don’t provide insurance for individual riders in case of an accident. Participating in handling the horses in the stable yard and horseback riding happens at your own risk. Travelers insurance, European Health Insurance Card or SRL Greencard are recommended! Please be thoughtful and protect horses from contagious viral and bacterial infections. Wear washed/disinfected clothes and shoes if you visit other stables, and remember to wash your hands.
  • What if I need to cancel my reservation?
    Don’t worry, s*it happens. Let us know either via email or text +358400980323 if you have to cancel your trip. We will confirm the cancellation in written form. Please be thoughtful regarding other riders; if you consider canceling, let us know as early as possible, so we can open the calendar for other customers. If you need to cancel on the day of your booking, call us. Please only use normal phone calls, due to the bad reception Messenger/WhatsApp calls don’t always come through. Our cancellation policy for rides up to 2h, Kiss the Pony and Hello Horsie-programs: If your cancellation is at least 48 hours in advance, you will receive a full refund. After that, you will receive a cancellation fee of 50% of the price of the reservation. For cancellation done less than 24h in advance the fee will be 100% of the price of the reservation. Longer rides and other programs: Cancellations done more than 72 hours in advance will receive a full refund. Any cancellation made after that will result in a cancellation fee. The amount of the fee will be 50% of the price of the reservation. For cancellation done less than 48 h in advance the fee will be 100% of the price of the reservation. For bigger groups or specialized programs, we will inform you about the more specific cancellation policies in the booking confirmation. In case of cancellation on our side due to weather or other reasons you will receive a full refund.
  • Can I book a riding tour for myself only?
    We prefer quality to quantity! We happily take individual riders on tours. If you feel like focusing on only yourself and the horse, you can book the tour just for you. If you want a private trip, please note it in your booking! Even first-timers have the chance to go riding in the fields. Beginners are led either by foot or on a rope following the leader’s horse. Our horses are well trained and used to this kind of exercise. For beginners’ rides we can take up to 4 riders on one tour. For experienced riders we have longer tours with faster pace and can take up to 3 riders on one tour. If you and your friends have different levels of experience that’s no problem, just let us know in advance and we will plan the ride so everyone gets the most out of it.
  • What is my riding level?
    Beginner: A rider with little to no experience. Might have some experience trotting. Intermediate: A rider who is able to control the horse in walk and trot, might have some experience cantering. Advanced: A rider who is able to control the horse in walk, trot and canter. Has been riding regularly and is confident of their own ability. Please note that all of our horses are ridden with an English saddle.
  • I don't know anything about horses, I can't ride!
    YOU CAN! Anyone can. We will guide you the whole time, and show you the basics of horse life if you don’t have previous experience. Our horses are calm and as friendly as horses can be. There are quite a few career women (and men), who have started their childhood dream of horse riding in their adulthood, and now enjoy more-or-less regular time with horses. Many times we hear busy mums taking their children riding - but who would get the mothers integrated to the horse world too? Horse riding works well as an escape from the hectic everyday life, it’s like meditation. We love to introduce beginners to the wonderful world of horse riding in a safe environment. It’s not all about riding, just spending time with horses can be quite an experience. The secret with this kind of large prey animal is that you have to focus on the horse while you are around it. If you won’t, the horse will soon let you know! Horses are herd animals and they always have a hierarchy system among them. As long as the horse is led by you, you make the decisions where to go and when. If the set-up is the other way around then life can get pretty difficult and dangerous in a matter of seconds. The horse doesn’t know you haven’t been around them before (and we promise not to tell our horses if you haven’t got a lot of experience). Working and training safely with horses is about skills and timing that you learn with time, not about physical strength or force. It’s about being present in the moment. Having a fight with a 600 kg animal doesn’t sound like a good idea, right?
  • I'm not yet 18 years old. Can I ride?
    Yes, you can, if you have permission from a caretaker over the age of eighteen. For younger children we require the parents' presence during the programs.
  • Can I rent a horse and go riding by myself?
    No. All of our rides are guided and our horses are our most valuable assets, and we want to supervise how they are handled. You can make a reservation for a riding tour just for yourself though.
  • I want to book a riding lesson
    We don’t provide traditional riding lessons. We are not trained riding instructors, and our horses are not trained for riding school type of work. We can provide beginners lessons and teach the basics of how our horses are to be ridden. Our horses are excellent companions to ride on the roads and fields, among traffic or on different terrains and they are easily controlled by the rider. We know our horses as individuals and we can advise the rider how to work with the horse chosen for them.
  • Horse keeping
    Our horses live in a herd, grazing outside most of the year. For the winter season the horses have access to shelters, where they can choose to go in or out as they wish. Keeping horses in a group is an important safety aspect for our riding tours. All of our horses are used to each other's company and they have their hierarchy solved. Horses are herd animals, and for their overall health it’s vital for them to have friends and space to move around freely. Our philosophy includes feeding hay as the main source of energy freely all day long. Depending on one's individual needs other feeds are added to their diet. Fresh water is of course provided constantly. We can offer limited horse boarding services, please contact us for inquiries.
  • Do you sell horses?
    Sometimes we encounter amazing horses but unfortunately for one reason or another they are not suitable for our use. If you are looking for a horse, message us with what you're looking for and we can see if we can be of help. We have a reliable translator and we know the market around here. We also have a few contacts that transport horses from Hungary quite regularly. Sporty shagya-arabians, child-friendly ponies for riding school or warmbloods for hobby riding are just a few examples of what the Hungarian horse market has to offer.
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